The Ayurvedic system of medicine comes from the Vedas, the source of all knowledge. It is a holistic system of treatment in which health is not just absence of disease. The olden day Vaidyas, and some even today, were so adept that they could tell the disease just by feeling the pulse on the wrist. Merely by tasting a particular herb, they could tell which disease it will cure.

The Aushadhalaya aims at promoting the ancient Ayurveda. Medicines are prepared according to the original scriptures using herbs from the Himalayan mountains and water from the holy river Ganges. Impure substances like alcohol, even if suggested by Ayurveda, are not utilized here in the making of these medicines as they are forbidden for persons desiring salvation.

These medicines are available at Kolkata, Rishikesh & Gorakhpur and also at many book-stalls of Gita Press. Free dispensaries also run at these places.

For more information please contact –
The Manager
Gita Bhawan Ayurved Sansthan
P.O. Swargashram
Rishikesh – 249304 (Uttaranchal)


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