कल्याण via Ordinary Post (2022) [For Domestic Only] (1 year)


Rs 250/- for subscription, Special Edition send via Registered Post and all monthly issues will send via Ordinary Post.

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The “Kalyan” (Hindi) is being published since 1927, The first issue, brought out in January each year, is a special number devoted to a particular subject. In the past, Hindi translations of a number of Puranas have been published as special issues.

“Kalyan” contains articles by old and contemporary, eminent Indian saints and scholars. Besides there are special columns like – “Read, Understand and Do”, “To Think About”, etc. It has approximately 2,50,000 subscribers.

  • Subscription includes One Special Number at the beginning plus eleven regular issues.
  • Subscription period is fixed from January to December. If any subscriber subscribes in between, he/she will get January special issue & all previous months issues (if available) by registered post and rest monthly issues will also sent by Registered post.
  • Kalyan’s special number is available in Hardbound only.
  • All regular (Eleven) issues will be Softbound only.
  • Subscription includes dispatch of January Special (First) issue and all regular (Eleven) issues through registered post.
  • Domestic means subscribers within India only. Overseas means outside India subscribers.
कल्याण via Ordinary Post (2022) [For Domestic Only] (1 year)