कल्याण via Registered Post (2022) [For Overseas Only] (1 year)


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“Kalyan” (Hindi) is a monthly magazines devoted to the betterment of life and the well-being of all. One would gain spiritually from this magazine. Topics like devotion, knowledge, yoga, dharma, detachment, spirituality, meditation, true motive, good thought, good action, etc. are covered in them. Special numbers covering an uplifting topic or a scripture are brought out yearly.

The “Kalyan” (Hindi) is being published since 1927, The first issue, brought out in January each year, is a special number devoted to a particular subject. In the past, Hindi translations of a number of Puranas have been published as special issues. 

“Kalyan” contains articles by old and contemporary, eminent Indian saints and scholars. Besides there are special columns like – “Read, Understand and Do”, “To Think About”, etc. It has approximately 2,50,000 subscribers.

  • Subscription includes One Special Number at the beginning plus eleven regular issues.
  • Subscription period is fixed from January to December. If any subscriber subscribes in between, he/she will get January special issue & all previous months issues (if available) by registered post and rest monthly issues will also sent by Registered post.
  • Kalyan’s special number is available in Hardbound only.
  • All regular (Eleven) issues will be Softbound only.
  • Subscription includes dispatch of January Special (First) issue and all regular (Eleven) issues through registered post.
  • Domestic means subscribers within India only. Overseas means outside India subscribers.
कल्याण via Registered Post (2022) [For Overseas Only] (1 year)