Kalyana-Kalpataru via Ordinary Post (2019-20)


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The “Kalyana-Kalpataru” (English), started in 1934, has its subscription year from October to September. Articles of various saints and scholars are incorporated into this magazine.

  • Subscription includes One Special Number at the beginning plus eleven regular issues.
  • Subscription period is fixed from October to September. If any subscriber subscribes in between, he/she will get October special issue & all previous months issues (if available) and rest monthly issues by registered post.
  • Kalyana-Kalpataru special number is only available with Softbound cover. All regular issues will be Softbound.
  • Subscription includes dispatch of October Special (First) issue and all regular (Eleven) issues through registered post.
  • Domestic means subscribers within India only. Overseas means outside India subscribers.
Kalyana-Kalpataru via Ordinary Post (2019-20)